Great New Discovery Will Revolutionize Blasting Forever!

LIFT – Low Impact Fragmentation Technology is a Hard Dig Mine Game Changer for the Mining Industry


Once in a great while a product innovation comes along which changes an entire industry.  Lift Energetics’ products fit that description.

I –  Impact

The main objective of LIFT Energetics is to provide an improved rock breaking agent which comprises multiple chemical components, in which, without containing any molecular explosives, approaches or attains the performance of those blasting agents which contain molecular explosives without the concerns of particle vibrations, air blast fly rock or environmental regulatory triggers.

The company’s vision was born after watching the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, and prompted the question, “What other tools can be used to help the reconstruction and must importantly help the rescue mission’s efforts without placing heavy equipment over locations that may have trapped victims?”

LIFT Energetics is physics based formulation.  LIFT Energetics is an insensitive high density product with a tailored energy releaseIts tuned energy release is designed specifically for precision, close quarter’s rock or concrete fragmentation and for sensitive environmental sites.  Due to the granular nature of the product, the reaction kinetics is controlled by the mass transport rates between the reactants.  Hence, although the LIFT Energetics formula has high density compounds, the release rate of that energy is below that of any conventional explosive.

The application of LIFT Energetics as part of your drilling and blasting operations will significantly reduce the cost and improve productivity. The application of LIFT Energetics helps to maintain the mining operational tempo and safety controls without the need to shut down vital operations.

The LIFT Energetics formulation has the ability to be deployed with an electrical match or a number 6 blasting cap when using bulk loads.

The LIFT Energetics formulation’s precise combination of chemical components and balance of ratios offers a sustainable and consistent performance.

Who Ever Heard Of An Explosive That Is Subsonic, Won’t Degrade the Structural Integrity of Your Tunnel, Is Non Toxic, Won’t Oxidize Your Ore and Is As Powerful As Dynamite and ANFO?

Sound Too Good To Be True? Read On!


Unlike Dynamite and ANFO, LIFT Energetics cartridges are subsonic.  Two key differentiators between deflagration (rapid heating) and detonating in relation to blasting include the speed of the reaction process and the storage and logistics involved. The pyrotechnic process operates at around 100 meters per second, whereas high velocity explosives are typically in the 7,000-8,000 meters per second range.

Without containment, the pyrotechnic charge will not produce a large reaction of any kind and will just gently burn out, but high explosive charges would still detonate with potentially damaging consequences

What This Means for You

  • It Won’t Degrade Structural Integrity of Tunnels Like Dynamite and ANFO
  • Reduced Fly Rock
  • Reduced Down Time (Personnel May Remain Close to Blast Area)
  • Significantly Reduced Dust Levels
  • No Damage to Support Works and Equipment

Using this benign method – Lift Energetics – environmental and safety concerns are alleviated, including a significant reduction in fly rock, noise, shock wave, vibration, dust levels, released nitrate gasses and damage to the surrounding environment—a revolution in hard rock narrow vein blasting.

LIFT Energetics allows you to specify the chunk size of the rock after blasting.  LIFT blasting can be specified from 24 inches down to 3 inches.

No Toxic Fumes

Unlike traditional explosives, LIFT cartridges DO NOT emit toxic fumes.  You will not need to vacate the blasting zone for several hours for employee safety concerns.  Over time thousands of man hours are saved giving you a significant INCREASE in profitability.

  • No Nitrates in the Pyrotechnic Charge
  • Environmentally Sound
  • Higher Productivity Due to Continuous Mining
  • Thousands of Wasted Man Hours Saved

LIFT Will Not Oxydize Your Powdered Ore

Depending on the density of the ore in your mine you may vaporize up to 10% of your ore in the blasting zone when using conventional blast techniques.  LIFT Energetics’ cartridges will not vaporize your ore.  You actually save all the gold or silver you harvest from a blast zone, thereby increasing your return on investment significantly.  This will have your “bean counters” and executives smiling!


  • No Unexpected Explosions Even if Set Alight
  • The ATF rating is just 1.4G.
  • This also means our product may be shipped via FedEx ground, thus saving time and money on explosives delivery.
  • Non Toxic – Since the explosion creates no toxic fumes, your crew in the mine will not get sick. They also may continue working in close proximity of the blast zone.

Historical Drawbacks

Although the gas pressure pyrotechnic blasting process has been around since the 1960’s, the process has been used minimally compared to traditional high explosive blasting techniques due to a lack of reliability and a failure rate of about 30 percent underground. Not to mention, it’s traditionally been a labor intensive process, making it less cost effective.

LIFT Energetics has Solved This Drawback

An even greater drawback in early gas pressure blasting methods was the process of “stemming,” or filling the drill hole (post charge insertion) with an inert and sufficiently heavy material to retain the charge in the drill hole until it achieves its maximum low-explosive heaving effect. Because it is a manual process, operatives must be highly skilled in material compositions used (usually locally sourced sand mixtures) and in the consistent packing of the drill hole to produce a good stemming effect—hence, the high failure rate.

LIFT Energetics has Solved This Drawback

A number of other products with varying degrees of sophistication have been available for non/low explosive blasting, but their drawbacks have not fully allowed industries to pursue low impact techniques. Cardox, for example, is considered an expensive option for a continuous / regular process, using a well-engineered steel cartridge system that requires re-fill products and retrieval and maintenance regimes.  PCF is another popular option, but requires stemming to perform, which limits the angle of use and introduces a fairly high inherent failure rate underground.

The mining and demolition industry need a mixture of each system that is cost-competitive (volume driven), stemm-free, reliable and less harmful on the environment.

LIFT Energetics has Solved This Drawback

Recap of Benefits

 Lift Energetics benefits over current blasting methods:

  • Reduced fly rock
  • Negligible vibration and noise
  • Reduction in noxious nitrate fumes (no nitrates in pyrotechnic charge)
  • Coarse fragmentation in mined/demolished medium results in significantly reduced dust levels
  • Reduced logistical issues (transportation/storage 1.4G classification)
  • Unattractive medium for terrorists (harmless unless embedded in hard rock)
  • Improved health and safety (no unexpected explosions even if set alight)
  • Reduced down time (operatives can work in much closer proximity to blast face)
  • Higher productivity due to continuous mining

  • Reduced destruction of precious semi-precious stones/gems (bigger gem stones due to low impact heave as opposed to destructive shock waves produced by explosion)
  • Can be used in environmentally sensitive areas where explosion is not allowed or desirable such as built up areas/marine/nature reserves, etc
  • May be shipped via FedEx ground, thereby saving on transportation costs

Guaranteed To Blast Through Rock Better Than Dynamite / ANFO Without The Danger, Toxicity, Or Work Stoppages Or Your Money Back!

We’re So Confident We Offer a Money-Back Guarantee!

We understand you may be skeptical because we’re a new product.  So – we have a no- risk guarantee just for you.  If you’re not completely satisfied with the performance of our LIFT Energetics’ products, we’ll refund your entire order and take back any unused product.

Is there better guarantee in the industry?